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Why use the Marsblade Roller Frame?

Why use the
Marsblade Roller Frame?

Ice-like Skate Feel

The Marsblade Roller Frame gives you the same feel and agile movements you get from the radius shaped ice hockey blade. This maximizes your on-ice endurance, speed and strength by training your hockey specific muscles off the ice.


The Marsblade Roller Frame increases your stride power and efficiency by challenging your balance and activating your stabilizer muscles. This also reduces the risk of injury as it prepares ice hockey specific muscle groups and fine-tunes your on-ice movements.


The Marsblade Roller Frame challenges you to use proper shooting and stickhandling techniques in your off-ice training. This helps you to master all the movements in the stabilizing chain of muscles and joints to improve your accuracy, control and power.


The Marsblade Roller Frame

Make yourself a better hockey player

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Players in Marsblade

We’re proud to have so many players worldwide, from beginners to NHL players, using the Marsblade Roller Frame to make themselves better hockey players.