Multi Tool

Customized Marsblade Multi Tool:

  • 5mm ball hex key fits between wheels to adjust rocking motion
  • 2 bearing pushers remove bearings from wheel
  • 4mm hex key adjusts wheel axles
  • 2.5mm hex key adjusts chassis spacers
  These are sold individually.
Make Yourself a Better Hockey Player

The former professional hockey player and the inventor of Marsblade Per Mårs, was always training extremely hard and trying to come up with new ways to improve as a hockey player both off and on the ice. In the fall of 2009 Marsblade was born and the idea was as simple as ingenious, he just took the rounded shape of the hockey blade and placed it between the frame and the boot. Shortly thereafter, the first prototype was developed and the patented Flow Motion Technology was a fact. Since Marsblade was founded our vision has been simple: to provide superior and innovative products that will make you a better hockey player and make hockey more fun and accessible to play. We promise to continue to work hard every day, to take the game of hockey in to the next era and setting new standards.

Why isn't this standard?

Testimonial from NARCh Finals