It all started as a small project with a goal to create a training tool that could help inventor and former NHL draft pick, Per Mårs prepare himself better during the summers for the upcoming ice hockey season. Now, the Marsblade Roller Frame is used by players ranging from the very best in the world to kids and recreational players.

It was during the early 2000 when Per first started getting ideas and insights on how to improve his off-ice training. Per was experimenting a lot with stability ball training and noticed a huge improvement on his on ice performance. Later, in mid 2000, he experienced some severe back injuries due to core instability and noticed how this affected his performance negatively. These experiences made him realize just how much you can improve performance by simply improving your balance and skating technique.

He tried traditional roller frames but had issues with the skating feel and balance being to far from skating on ice. An idea of developing something that could help improve his skating technique, as well as transferring the ice feel to roller, was born. It was however, not until many years later, at the end of 2008, he took action of taking these ideas to create a product.

Late 2009 the first prototype of the Marsblade Roller Frame was developed and tested, the result was not as good as Per hoped, but he did not give up and a couple of months later during a cold Swedish winter day, a new improved prototype was tested in a parking garage and it was better than he ever could have imagined. Up to this point it was just a project aiming to develop a product that could improve his own training. However, after testing this prototype version, he soon realized that this product could help a lot of hockey players around the world and he got the vision of creating a product for that purpose.


Per Mårs – Marsblade’s Inventor

Per Mårs, born in Sweden 1982, a former professional hockey player and a third round draft pick of the Columbus Blue Jackets in the 2001 NHL draft. After his hockey career he has been studying Sport Science at the Mid Sweden University. As a hockey player Per was always searching for new and innovative training methods to maximize his performance on the ice. The drive to always improve, the knowledge and experience from university studies and elite level hockey laid the foundation for developing Marsblade and Flow Motion Technology. Follow Per Mårs on Instagram or his blog.