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I apologize in advance if this runs long. So, I recently converted a pair of CCM JetSpeed Shocks (great skates for under 300 btw) to rollers with the Marsblade holder, and I just wanted to provide a review, as I haven't seen too many personal reviews out there. (Note: This is after about 2 outings with the Marsblades)

I live in Brooklyn and I don't have a car, which means commuting to the rink is often a 40-60 minute trip, whilst lugging my stick and hockey bag on often crowded subway trains. All this effort is usually for only about an hour of drop-in hockey, so as you can imagine it can be tedious at times. Luckily, Brooklyn has a plethora of local parks with flat-paved surfaces and chain link fences, fences which are segmented into squares that are roughly the size of hockey nets. So I can theoretically practice (for free!) whenever I want with just a hockey stick, a few green biscuits (regular for stick handling and carrying, SNIPE for shooting) and a pair of roller blades. The only caveat is that I felt like I was picking up bad habits from rollerblading more than Ice Skating (lazy posture, weight distribution, balance etc.)

Once I discovered the Marsblade, along with all of the praise it has been getting (which I'll admit I was a tad dubious of) I finally decided to bite the bullet and make the switch. In a nutshell, It's awesome.

The biggest thing about the Marsblade (IMO) is that it rewards you for possessing good mechanics and punishes you for having bad ones.

Unlike rollerblades, your legs are activated at all times as your weight is distributed back and forth on the rocker, so you can't really get away with moving with a high center of gravity. On the flip side. you can really feel yourself generating speed and power as you get low and push through the rocker. As I mentioned before, I was skeptical of how accurate the "feeling of being on ice claims" were. I'm not anymore, that's what it feels like. Even if its a simulated effect, you can really feel transitions from your "edges".

The Marsblade also gives you a nice boost in agility on turns and crossovers. But, it also lets you know where you need improvement. I've always been a bit weaker on my left side (crossovers & unders) and the Marsblade reminded me just how much work I needed (I fell down quite a bit). So I started slow, focused on staying low and where my weight was over the rocker and my non-dominant side crossovers have evolved from "bad" to "meh", which is a great improvement after only 2 outings.

TL;DR: As advertised, the Marsblade is a great off ice training tool. I don't play roller hockey competitively, so I can't say for sure if it would be an improvement for that style of play, but as an ice hockey player, I feel WAY more comfortable/in control with the Marsblades.

So yeah, Marsblades are awesome!

By: CaptNTennille

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