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Part 1.

If you’re an ice or roller hockey player that hasn’t heard of Marsblade, then you’re already missing out. I discovered Marsblade about a year ago in USA Hockey Magazine and decided to do a little more research on them. Visited the website, sent an email and got a message a day later from the inventor, COO and former NHL draft pick himself, Per Mars.

Per’s career was cut short due to nagging injuries and frustrated with his off-ice training regimen and how rollerblading was drastically different from ice skating; he decided to do something about it for future players. What he did was design an amazing roller-blade chassis that features “flow-motion” technology aka simulates the same motions and feel as if you were ice skating. Not to mention the most important part, it trains the exact same muscles. This will not only improve player performance and training, but reduce injuries as well.

Marsblade is based out of Sweden and they already have famous NHL players such as Niklas Backstrom and Henrik Zetterberg endorsing the product. He is also touring the world, primarily the US at the moment, to spread the word about this revolutionary product.

I personally think it’s only a matter of time before every ice and roller hockey player are using these. I got mine set up this last weekend and already put about 20 miles on them. After spending about 25 years on other roller-blades in the past, I can confidently say that Marsblade blows every other inline skate out of the water. They don’t even stand a chance anymore. The “flow-motion” technology is incredible and moves with your stride. Unlike traditional roller-blades where your foot, knee, joints, etc. have to move with the boot and chassis of the roller-blade. Lastly, Marsblade puts you more on your toes, which is also very similar to being on the ice. Marsblade is just the chassis, wheel, bearing and tool system. They recommend that you attach them to your favorite brand of ice boot, which is what I did with my old Bauer Vapor X60’s. Honestly, it turned out to be the most amazing set up and I’ve been on them every night since.

A price of $199 is pretty reasonable as well; considering that you will get years of use out of them, they come with higher-end Labeda wheels and abec-7 bearings. So if you’re an ice or roller-hockey player, you need to get these immediately. You won’t regret it and even if you don’t play either sport, but are looking for another form of cardio, I highly recommend these for cross-training. Awesome way to build the legs, glutes and heart.

So get rollin, because these are worth every penny and are a game-changer.

Part 2 – Follow up

A little over three months ago, I wrote about Marsblade. I’m happy to report while using them at least two to three times per week, that I still love them as much, if not more than when I first got them set up.

Being a men’s league hockey player, I am on the ice as little as once a week to maybe three times a week. With one game a week or every two weeks, I would always feel a little rusty or that it took about a period until I got my stride back. What I’ve noticed with Marsblade is that I don’t feel that “rust” or adjustment period anymore. I just hop out there and do what I’ve been doing the last 25 years.

By: Tommy Destefano, Sport-Ness Blog

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