Sonic ABEC7 Bearings

High Performance 608 ABEC7 bearings

Sonic ABEC7 Bearings with precision-honed chrome alloy steel races and balls for incredible speed, rubber seals and stepped inner races to defend against dirt and debris and synthetic gel and polymer cage to dampen noise and vibration.

These bearings are sold in a pack of 16 and fits Marsblade wheel sizes 64mm, 68mm, 72mm and 76mm (one size fits all).
  • High precision honed races and balls
  • Deep groove raceways & premium 52100 chrome alloy steel
  • Non-contact rubber seals and stepped inner races keep dirt out
  • Synthetic gel and polymer cage dampen noise and vibration
  • Polymer cage is lighter than a metal cage
  • Removable rubber seals for easy cleaning and lubrication
  • Made in Taiwan and steel from Japan

Lars Hepso