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The patented Flow Motion Technology is the foundation of all Marsblade products. The technology creates a unique rocking motion made possible by a split chassis design, where the rounded upper chassis is rocking against a flat bottom chassis.

The Marsblade Ice Holder increases hockey players on-ice performance with several benefits, such as higher speed, quicker turns and more powerful strides.

The Marsblade Roller Frame maximizes players off-ice training with an incredible ice-like skate feel and the possibility to practice on-ice hockey skills off the ice. Anywhere. Anytime.

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The Marsblade Roller Frame

The Flow Motion Technology makes the Marsblade Roller Frame the only product that truly offers an ice-like skate feel off the ice. It gives you unlimited possibilities to make yourself a better hockey player. Anywhere. Anytime.


Why use the
Marsblade Roller Frame?


Get an Ice-like Skate Feel

Gives you the same feel and agile movements you get from the radius shaped ice hockey blade.

Activate the Right Muscles

Maximizes the results of your endurance and speed training and reduces the risk of injury.

Improve Your Skating Technique

Increases your stride power and efficiency by challenging your balance and stabilizer muscles.

Improve Your Shot and Stickhandling

Forces you to use proper shooting and stickhandling techniques in your off-ice training.

Ice Holder Ice Holder

The Marsblade Ice Holder

We’ve already changed the way hockey players train. Now the Flow Motion Technology will change the game of ice hockey, making way for a new standard of skating power, speed and agility.


Why use the
Marsblade Ice Holder?


Higher Speed

Offers a larger range of movement, for longer, more powerful strides and superior glide.

Increased Power

Optimizes your balance for a stronger and more explosive skating position.

Quicker Turns

Transfers your weight faster for tighter and more efficient turns with increased speed out of the turns.

Optimized Efficiency

Enables a more natural movement for maximized skating efficiency and lower energy consumption.

Ice Holder

Players in Marsblade

We’re proud to have so many players worldwide, from beginners to NHL players, using the Marsblade Roller Frame to make themselves better hockey players.

Meet the inventor Per Mårs